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Office Depot/Office Max Affiliate
Staples Print ID Card Affiliate
NCFCA Comprehensive Guide to Policy Debate Public
Coaching MC Part 1 Handout: Legal Terminology and Procedures Public
SAT/ACT Prep Affiliate
Moot Court 101 Public
NCFCA Comprehensive Guide to Speech Public
Coaching LD, Part 1 Public
Staples Business Advantage Online Print User Guide Affiliate
Suggested Reading List for Political Philosophy Affiliate
Coaching Team Policy Debate Public
From Books to Broadway: Coaching Interps Public
Coaching MC Part 2 Handout: Club Preparation Public
League Handbook 2020 Public
Research 101: The Basics of Policy Research Public
2020 LD Value Debate Resolution White Paper Public
Coaching Moot Court Part 1 Public
Digital Presentation Rules 2020 Public
Humorous Rules 2020 Public
Debate Rules 2020 Public
2020 Team Policy Debate Resolution White Paper Public
Apologetics Rules 2020 Public
Coaching LD, Part 2 Public
Next Gen Speakers - Coaching Juniors Public
Biblical Thematic Rules 2020 Public